Board the Platforms!

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Yoshi in his Board the Platforms! stage

Board the Platforms! is the second bonus stage in Super Smash Bros. and the eighth stage of 1P Game. The stage can be accessed by playing Classic Mode, where there is a two-minute limit. It is also playable by choosing "Bonus 2 Practice" in Single-Player, where the player can choose any of the characters' levels. Like Break the Targets!, each character has a specially designed course; boarding all ten platforms usually requires utilizing all or most of the characters' attacks.

Board the Platforms! involves the player's fighter having to board all 10 platforms. Every character has their own stage, each with their own layout which is themed after that character. For example, Mario and Donkey Kong's stages resemble a construction site like from Donkey Kong, and Yoshi and Pikachu's resemble a grassy land. Each stage has various obstacles, including Bumpers, Flippers, and spikes. In 1P Game, there is a time limit of two minutes, but in "Bonus 2 Practice", there is no time limit. If the player's fighter falls off the stage or time runs out, the challenge ends.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 台を乗りついでいけ!
Dai wo noritsuide ike!
Board the Platforms!