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Incineroar SSBU artwork.png
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork
First appearance Pokémon Sun and Moon Versions (2016)
Latest appearance Pokémon Sword and Shield (2019)
Portrayed by H.D. Quinn (English, 2016–present)
Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese, 2016–2018)
Super Smash Bros. appearances

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (unlockable)

Special moves
Standard:  Darkest Lariat
Side:  Alolan Whip
Up:  Cross Chop
Down:  Revenge
Final Smash:  Max Malicious Moonsault

Incineroar is a Fire/Dark-type Pokémon which debuted in Pokémon Sun and Moon. It is the final evolution of Litten, evolving from Torracat beginning at level 34. In the English version of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Incineroar is voiced by H.D. Quinn, who has done voiceovers for the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime. In the Japanese version, Incineroar is voiced by Unshō Ishizuka, who died about four months before the release of Ultimate.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

“Incineroar Enters the Ring!”
Introduction, "Clash of Flames" trailer

Incineroar appears as an unlockable playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Its debut trailer was paired with Ken Masters's trailer, where the two briefly fight on the Boxing Ring stage. Prior to openly revealing itself, it also briefly wore a white hoodie when attacking Ken. Incineroar is unique in that it poses after performing a special move, though these poses can be canceled at any point and thus do not affect the fight. For Incineroar's stage entrance, a Poké Ball is thrown, and Incineroar makes a pose while stepping out of it.

In an interview with Nintendo Dream, Masahiro Sakurai revealed that during the development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Decidueye was almost chosen as the new Pokémon fighter, but Incineroar was chosen instead, with Sakurai stating that he wanted to include a professional wrestler character.[1][2]

Incineroar is a super heavyweight fighter (being heavier than Kazuya but lighter than Ganondorf, while having the same weight as Pokémon Trainer's Charizard) with highly powerful attacks, yet very sluggish mobility to boot. In fact, Incineroar is notorious for having the slowest walking and dashing speeds in the game. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, Charizard, and Inkling, Incineroar receives minor damage while swimming, seemingly as a reference to its weakness to Water-type Pokémon in the Pokémon series. Fittingly, the overwhelming majority of Incineroar's attacks consist of professional wrestling moves, extending to its special moves.

Incineroar's neutral special move is Darkest Lariat, which involves it performing a series of discus lariats that can block projectiles. Its side special is Alolan Whip, in which it lunges at an opponent in order to Irish whip them into wrestling ring ropes and, depending on when the special button is pressed, subsequently perform a lariat, a back body drop, or collide with the opponent. Incineroar's up special is Cross Chop, which has it leap vertically into the air and descend diagonally to perform a cross chop that causes a small explosion upon hitting a surface. Lastly, its down special is Revenge, a type of counterattack that makes Incineroar receive minor damage in exchange for retaliating with a small burst of flame and making its next attack much stronger.

Classic Mode route

Burning Pro Wrestling Spirit!
Round Opponent(s) Rule Stage Song
1 Bowser Boxing Ring The Grand Finale
2 Ganondorf Molgera
3 Morton, Ludwig Team Battle
(Ally: Greninja)
Boxing Ring (Battlefield) Fortress Boss - Super Mario World
4 King K. Rool Gang-Plank Galleon
5 Donkey Kong Boxing Ring (Ω) Boss 2 - DK: Jungle Climber
6 Incineroar Battle! (Lorekeeper Zinnia)
Final Master Hand, Crazy Hand Team Battle
(Ally: Greninja)
Final Destination Master Hand / Crazy Hand

Special moves

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Darkest Lariat

Darkest Lariat is Incineroar's standard special move. When used, Incineroar spins for a few seconds and hits any player nearby with a series of discus lariats. It is very quick and hits multiple times, with its initial hit being very strong and each subsequent hit being weaker than the last. Darkest Lariat also grants varying degrees of invincibility to Incineroar, which makes it capable of interrupting an opponent's attack. Although it has quick start-up lag, its lengthy duration can make it somewhat unsafe without proper timing, especially while off-stage. In addition, Darkest Lariat's initial hit is the only one capable of KOing reliably, whereas its subsequent hits are better suited for pressuring a shielding opponent.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese DDラリアット
DD Rariatto
DD Lariat
Chinese DD金勾臂
DD Jīn-Gōubì (Mandarin)
DD Gām-Āubei (Cantonese)
DD Clothesline
Dutch Duistere Lasso
French Dark Lariat -
German Dark Lariat -
Italian Braccioteso
Korean DD래리어트
DD Raerieoteu
DD Lariat
Polish Najmroczniejszy Lariat
Portuguese (Brazil) Lariat Escuro
Portuguese (Europe) Lariat Tenebroso
Russian Тёмное Лассо
Tyomnoye Lasso
Spanish Lariat Oscuro

Alolan Whip

Alolan Whip is Incineroar's side special move. When used, Incineroar lunges forward in an attempt to grab the opponent. If successful, Incineroar will then Irish whip the opponent into wrestling ring ropes and perform one of three actions depending on when the attack or special button is pressed. Inputting as soon as the opponent makes contact after rebounding will result in Incineroar performing a lariat. Inputting after the opponent rebounds but before making contact with Incineroar will result in it performing a back body drop. Lastly, inputting too late or not at all will result in the opponent colliding with Incineroar and both characters being knocked away slightly in opposite directions. This is Incineroar's only special move that is not also an attack in the Pokémon series.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ロープスイング
Rōpu Suingu
Rope Swing
Chinese 摔向绳边 (Simplified)
摔向繩邊 (Traditional)
Shuāi xiàng Shéng biān
Bump towards the side of the rope
Dutch Tegen de Touwen
French (American) Dans les Cordes
German Alolan Whip -
Italian Lancio sulle corde
Korean 로프스윙
Rope Swing
Russian Алольский Кнут
Alolsky Knut
Spanish (Americas) Contra las Cuerdas

Cross Chop

Cross Chop is Incineroar's up special move. When used, Incineroar leaps upward to perform a Cross Chop, and then descends to perform another one that causes an explosion if its descending hit is still active and makes contact with a solid surface. The explosion is powerful enough to KO quite reliably, while its descending hit KOs even earlier. It can be angled slightly and, like Alolan Whip, does not render Incineroar helpless. Although Cross Chop does not cause helplessness, its diagonal travel angle and high ending lag make unsafe to use unless it is performed very high in the air.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese クロスチョップ
Kurosu Choppu
Cross Chop
Chinese 十字劈
Shízì Pī (Mandarin)
Sahpjih Pek (Cantonese)
Cross Chop
Dutch Kruisstoot
Finnish Risti-isku
French Coup-Croix
German Kreuzhieb
Italian Incrocolpo
Korean 크로스촙
Cross Chop
Portuguese (Brazil) Golpe Cruzado
Portuguese (Europe) Golpe Ganheta
Russian Перерубание
Spanish (Americas) Tajo Cruzado
Spanish (Europe) Tajo Cruzado


Revenge is Incineroar's down special move. When used, Incineroar readies itself for an incoming attack and, upon being hit, will emit a small burst of flames, receive significantly less damage, and strengthen its next attack. Incineroar's stored strength boost is visually indicated by its fur radiating an orange glow. Revenge is capable of stacking boosts, with a single boost lasting for approximately 1 minute. However, a boost's duration will shorten if Incineroar misses an attack, while the boost is lost outright if Incineroar is thrown or receives 36%. Although Revenge is used to strengthen an attack, the boost is not utilized when using neutral attack's first two hits or Cross Chop's ascending and non-meteor smash descending hits.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese リベンジ
Chinese 报复 (Simplified)
報復 (Traditional)
Bàofù (Mandarin)
Boufuhk (Cantonese)
Dutch Wraak
French Vendetta
German Vergeltung
Italian Vendetta
Korean 리벤지
Polish Zemsta
Portuguese Vingança
Russian Месть
Spanish Desquite

Final Smash

Max Malicious Moonsault

Max Malicious Moonsault is Incineroar's Final Smash. When used, Incineroar activates its Incinium Z and lunges forward in an attempt to grab an opponent, similarly to Alolan Whip. If successful, the opponent is Irish whipped into wrestling ring ropes and Incineroar uppercuts the rebounding opponent upward. Incineroar then proceeds to dropkick them even further upward, uppercuts them again, and then concludes with a diving battering ram that causes a massive explosion upon landing back on-stage. Max Malicious Moonsault is powerful enough to KO at extremely low percentages, and will damage any bystanders as well.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハイパーダーククラッシャー改
Haipā Dāku Kurasshā Kai
Hyper Dark Crusher Modified
Chinese 极恶飞跃粉碎击(改) (Simplified)
極惡飛躍粉碎擊(改) (Traditional)
Jí'è Fēiyuè Fěnsuìjí (Gǎi)
Diabolic Flying Crusher (Modified)
Dutch Supervurige Moonsault
French (American) Dark Body Press X -
German Hyper Dark Crusher X -
Italian Iperschianto delle Tenebre X
Korean 뉴 하이퍼다크크러셔
Nyu Haipeo Dakeu Keureosyeo
New Hyper Dark Crusher
Russian Злодейский Мунсолт Плюс
Zlodeysky Munsolt Plyos
Spanish (Americas) Hiperplancha Oscura X


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Palutena's Guidance

  • Pit: Ha! That's[sic] tiger's on fire!
  • Palutena: How astute of you, Pit. That's Incineroar. Before it evolved into this form, it was a cute little Litten. Incineroar is unpredictable, self-centered, and rambunctious. Although it's supposedly great with children.
  • Viridi: It specializes in wrestling moves. Brute force is its M.O., but it's no slouch in the technical department either.
  • Palutena: Incineroar is also a performer at heart, so when it lands a big attack, it likes to show off for the crowd.
  • Pit: Now that you mention it, I do hear crowd cheers sometimes. It's almost like an audience is watching us fight.
  • Palutena: Incineroar has an attack called Revenge that feels like it was inspired by pro wrestling. If Incineroar takes damage while Revenge is active, its body ignites, and its attacks become more powerful!
  • Pit: If that happens, I'll just let everyone else fight Incineroar until it wears off. Then I'll swoop in and steal the KO!
  • Viridi: Sure, if you wanna be THAT guy. Might as well edge guard while you're at it.

Super Smash Blog bios

  • A fighter with many special moves that appear to come from the world of pro wrestling. Incineroar has many moves from its original game, like Darkest Lariat, Cross Chop, and Revenge. Its Final Smash is Max Malicious Moonsault. Let the Z-Power explode and deliver a powerful blow!


  • This Pokémon™ has a violent, selfish disposition. If it's not in the mood to listen, it will ignore its Trainer's orders with complete nonchalance.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガオガエン
From「ガオー」(gaō, onomatopoeia for roaring) and the voiced version of「火炎」(kaen, flame)
Chinese 炽焰咆哮虎 (Simplified)
熾焰咆哮虎 (Traditional)
Chìyàn Páoxiāo Hǔ (Mandarin)
Chiyìhm Pàauhhāau Fú (Cantonese)
Literally "Blazing-Flame Roaring Tiger"; From chì/chi (blazing, splendid), yàn/yìhm (flame), páoxiāo/pàauhhāau (roar), and hǔ/fú (tiger)
Dutch Incineroar -
French Félinferno From félin (feline) and inferno
German Fuegro From fuego ("fire" in Spanish) and growl
Italian Incineroar -
Korean 어흥염
From 어흥 (eoheung, growl) and 염 (yeom, flame)
Russian Инсинероар
Spanish Incineroar -