List of Metal Face quotes

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This is a list of quotes by Metal Face.


  • "What do you lot think you're doing then?"
  • "Hope I'm not interrupting!"
  • "Nice night for a stroll, don't ya think?"
  • "I love the feeling of the wind in my claws!"
  • "There we go!"
  • "See how you like this!"
  • "Out of my way!"
  • "Oi, make way, come on!"
  • "You're a funny-looking lot, ain't ya?"
  • "This better be a good show!"
  • "Whatever you're doing, it looks smashing! Hahaha!"
  • "Didn't expect all this racket out here!"
  • "If it's one thing I'd like to see, it's carnage!"
  • "Carry on, you lot! Don't mind me! Hahaha!"
  • "I think I've got the best seat in the house! Hahaha!"
  • "Maybe I'll watch, and give you a few pointers!"
  • "Come on, fight harder, you little maggots!"
  • "Come near my claws, and you might get a nasty surprise!"
  • "Let's get things started!"
  • "Don't mind if I join in, do ya?"
  • "Watch and learn, maggots!"
  • "Time to cut you down to size!"
  • "DIE!!"
  • "Hey, hey! Time to die!"
  • "I'll slice you into pieces!"
  • "Let me hear you scream!"
  • "Ahahahahahaha!"
  • "Ugh! You'll pay for that!"
  • "Think that's clever, do you?"
  • "You're getting on my bad side!"
  • "Hey, that's not fair!"
  • "Why, you little...!"
  • "Ugh! Get off me!"
  • "This isn't over!"
  • "All that work for nothing!"
  • "This ain't how it's meant to go!"
  • "Huh, look at the time. See ya, kiddies!"
  • "It's been good laugh, but I'm off!"
  • "That's it for now. See ya, kiddies!"
  • "Time for a little parting gift!"
  • "I'm off. See ya, kiddies! But first..."
  • "If you've got any final words, now's the time!"

Special quotes (if Shulk is in the battle)[edit]

  • "If it isn't the puny boy himself! You miss me?"
  • "Hey, Monado boy, hope you don't think you can hurt me with that thing!"
  • "Oh, looks like Monado boy's been practicing!"
  • "If the brat's here, I bet Dunban can't be far behind!"