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List of Super Smash Bros. special bonuses

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This is a list of special bonuses in the first Super Smash Bros. game.

Name Requirement Points
Cheap Shot Overuse one type of move. -99
Fighter Stance Pose with the 'L' button just as a match ends. 100
No Item Go the whole match without picking up any items. 1000
Throw Down Finish off your last opponent with a throw move. 2000
Jackpot Finish the level with the tens and ones digits of

your damage meter being the same (for example, 11%, 22%, 33%, etc.).

Smash Mania All foes are dispatched using Smash Attacks. 3500
Full Power Finish the match with 0% damage. 5000
Smash-less Didn't use a Smash Attack. 5000
Special Move All moves used were Special Moves. 5000
Judo Master Used only throws to clear the match 5000
Mystic Won the match while being off-screen 7000
Single Move Used only a single attack 8000
Shield Breaker Break a shield 8000
Last Second Win the match with one second left on the clock. 8000
Vegetarian Consumed 3 Maximum Tomatoes. 9000
Lucky 3 Finish the level with exactly 3:33 left on the clock. 9990
Speedster Finished match in 30 seconds or less. 10000
Star Finish Turned the last opponent into a star. 10000
Butterfly Defeated opponent as they are trying to recover. 10000
Item Pitcher Defeated opponent using throwing items. 10000
Comet Mystic Won the match as a star 10000
Pokémon Finish Defeated opponent using a Pokémon from the Poké Ball. 11000
Bumper Clear Defeated opponent using a Bumper. 11000
Trickster Turned all opponents into stars. 11000
Shooter Defeated the opposition using only projectile attacks. 12000
Star Clear Ended the match while still invincible from the Star. 12000
Booby Trap Defeated opponent using a Motion-Sensor Bomb. 12000
No Damage Ended match without taking any damage. 15000
Mew Catch Had a Mew appear from a Poké Ball. 15000
All Variations Used every single move the character has. 15000
Item Throw Used only thrown items over other players. 16000
Heartthrob Collected three Heart Container items during a level. 17000
Hawk Used only aerial moves during the match. 18000
Item Strike Attacked with only items. 20000
Heavy Damage Won the match with the damage meter reading over 200%. 28000
No Miss x [stage number] Won every match so far without losing a life. 5000*(stage number)
Pacifist Won the match without attacking the opponent. 60000
Tornado Clear KO'd Link by the use of the tornado. 3000
Yoshi Rainbow Finished the match by defeating the Yoshis in the order in which they appear. 50000
ARWING Clear KO'd Fox by the use of the Arwing. 4000
Good Friend The player's ally hasn't been defeated. 4000
True Friend The player's ally hasn't been damaged. 25000
Bros. Calamity KO'd Luigi before even damaging Mario. 25000
DK Defender Finished without the player's allies being defeated. 10000
DK Perfect Finished without the player's allies being damaged. 50000
Kirby Ranks Finished the match by defeating the Kirbys in the order in which they appear. 25000
Acid Clear KO'd Samus by the use of the lava. 1500
No Damage Completed the Bonus 3 stage without taking damage. 15000
Perfect Destroyed all targets or landed in all platforms. 30000
Very Easy Clear Cleared on Very Easy difficulty. 70000
Easy Clear Cleared on Easy difficulty. 140000
Normal Clear Cleared on Normal difficulty. 210000
Hard Clear Cleared on Hard difficulty. 280000
Very Hard Clear Cleared on Very Hard difficulty. 350000
No Miss Clear Cleared without losing a life. 70000
Speed King Cleared in less than 20 minutes. 40000
Speed Demon Cleared in less than 8 minutes. Not cumulative with Speed King. 80000
No Damage Clear Cleared without taking any damage. 400000
  • Rows highlighted in green are special bonuses that pertain to certain stages.
  • Rows highlighted in pink are special bonuses that pertain only to bonus stages.
  • Rows highlighted in yellow are special bonuses are rewarded for clearing a mode.