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Min Min

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Min Min
Min Min SSBU artwork.png
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate artwork
First appearance ARMS (2017)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)
Portrayed by Haruna Takatsu (2017-present)
In-universe information
Species Human
Super Smash Bros. appearances

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (downloadable)

Special moves
Up:  ARMS Jump / ARM Hook
Down:  ARMS Change
Final Smash:  ARMS Rush
“Wǒ ài lāmiàn! (I love ramen!)”
Min Min, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Min Min is a fighter character originating from the Nintendo Switch game ARMS. She is a martial artist who is one of few people in the world with ARMS, a phenomenon that causes the person's arms (or on some occasions, other body parts) to mutate into long, stretchy material. She battles in the ARMS League to promote her family's ramen restaurant, Mintendo Noodle House. She is a downloadable playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in which she was included alongside Spring Stadium in Challenger's Pack 6, released on June 29, 2020. Even prior to this, Min Min was featured within the base game as an obtainable spirit.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

On March 26, 2020, it was announced that the first DLC fighter from the Fighters Pass Vol. 2 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be from ARMS, although the identity of said representative would not be revealed until their release in June.[1] On June 22, 2020, the representative was revealed to be Min Min, and it was announced that she would be released alongside Spring Stadium via an update available June 29, 2020.[2] Prior to her inclusion, Min Min also appeared as a spirit in the game. Min Min is the first character to already have a spirit before appearing as a fighter; she would later be followed in this by Pyra / Mythra. Around the time she was introduced as a fighter, Min Min received another spirit of herself, which can be obtained by clearing Classic Mode with her, just like the other fighters.

Min Min is a ranged fighter who utilizes her ARMS in combat. Her ARMS possess significant reach and lack hurtboxes, allowing Min Min to attack safely at a distance. However, Min Min's ARMS are burdened with sluggish attack speed and require precise aiming because of their hitboxes being located only on her ARMS' "fists". Like in ARMS, Min Min also utilizes kicks as part of her moveset.

Min Min has three types of ARMS that she can use in battle, all of which can be swapped out (albeit for her right ARM only): Ramram, a chakram that is weak, yet very maneuverable; Megawatt, a large, studded metallic sphere that exchanges range and speed for considerable power; and Dragon, which is fittingly shaped like a dragon's head and is effectively the middle ground between Ramram and Megawatt in regard to range, speed and power. Each of these ARMS also possess distinct secondary properties: sufficiently charging Ramram and Megawatt will result in them being set aflame and discharging electricity, respectively, whereas Dragon is capable of firing a short-ranged laser beam when the attack button is held, with the laser being further strengthened after being sufficiently charged. The Dragon ARM is Min Min's left ARM at all times and is uniquely capable of being powered up for approximately 20 seconds upon successfully throwing an opponent or while having access to her Final Smash.

Uniquely, Min Min does not have a standard or side special move.[3] Instead, the attack button and special move button (when pressed alone or while tilting left or right) are assigned to her left and right ARMS respectively. If both buttons are pressed, Min Min can simultaneously attack with both ARMS. They both act like standard attacks, meaning Min Min can use a smash attack or initiate a multi-hit attack with the special move button.

Min Min is one of the lighter heavyweights in the game, being lighter than Snake, R.O.B., and Banjo & Kazooie, but heavier than Ryu and Ken, while having the same weight as Link, Yoshi, Captain Falcon, and Mii Gunner.

She also briefly appears in Kazuya Mishima's debut trailer, where the titular character tosses her into a lava flow, and also promptly kicks her ARM off the cliff when it still latches on.

Classic Mode route

ARMS at the Ready
Round Opponent(s) Rule Stage Song
1 Mii Brawler ×2 (Spring Man and Ribbon Girl costumes) Spring Stadium (Ω) Spring Stadium
2 Little Mac Boxing Ring Sparring Match
3 Samus Aran, Mega Man Frigate Orpheon DNA Lab
4 Giant Donkey Kong Kongo Jungle Mausoleum
5 R.O.B. Horde Battle Spring Stadium (Battlefield) Scrapyard
6 Min Min Spring Stadium Ramen Bowl
Final Galleom Base ARMS Grand Prix Final Battle

Special moves

ARMS Jump / ARM Hook

Min Min performing ARM Jump on Castle Siege.

Min Min's up special move changes depending on whether she executes it on the ground or in the air. When used on the ground, Min Min uses ARMS Jump to launch herself into the air. Although it does not damage opponents, ARMS Jump propels her fairly high in the air and briefly renders her intangible, both of which make it useful for evading close-range pressure. ARMS Jump can also be charged, which increases both its jump height and intangibility frames.

Min Min grabbing an edge with ARM Hook on Spring Stadium.

When used in the air, Min Min uses ARM Hook to extend her ARM upward; this can be used to grab a nearby edge to recover or damage an opponent, the latter of which is further amplified when her boosted Dragon ARM is active.

ARMS Change

Main article: ARMS Change
Min Min performing ARMS Change on Skyworld, switching her right ARM to Ramram.

ARMS Change is Min Min's down special move, which lets her cycle between her three ARMS on her right hand. Its operation is similar to Pokémon Trainer's Pokémon Change; she starts off with Ramram, followed by Megawatt, and then Dragon before cycling back to Ramram.

Final Smash


Main article: ARMS Rush
ARMS Rush as shown on the Move List

Upon initiating ARMS Rush, Min Min reaches out in front of her and any opponents caught in her range get attacked by the base roster of ARMS before being finished off by Min Min.

The Assist Trophy Spring Man also uses ARMS Rush as his finishing move.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate spirit

No. Name Image Series / game Type Class Strength / effect(s) How to obtain Spirit battle
Opponent(s) Battle conditions Stage Song
1289 Min Min SSBU Spirit Min Min.png ARMS Primary (2) Ace Attack World of Light (Light Realm); Spirit Board Corrin (♀)
  • The enemy favors special moves
  • The enemy has increased attack power when badly damaged
  • The enemy has increased move speed
New Pork City (Ω form) Dragon Driftway
1414 Min Min (Fighter) SSBU Spirit Min Min (Fighter).png ARMS Fighter N/A N/A Classic Mode as Min Min N/A N/A N/A N/A

Palutena's Guidance

Min Min shares this stock conversation with all other Fighters Pass characters. It was originally used for Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, who are downloadable fighters in that game.

  • Pit: Who is THAT?
  • Palutena: I have no data on this fighter. I can't believe it!
  • Viridi: It must be an intruder from another dimension!
  • Pit: Whoever it is, the goal remains the same: to fight and win!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate official website

  • Min Min from the ARMS™ game is coming to the Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate game as a new playable fighter! This iconic fighter is the first fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol 2 DLC. Spring into action using the Ramram, Megawatt, and Dragon ARMS to keep your opponents at bay, distance is the key! Challenger Pack 6 also includes a new stage, Spring Stadium.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミェンミェン[4]
Myen Myen
From Chinese word「麺」(miàn, noodles); officially romanized "MinMin", as can be seen hereMedia:SSBU Min Min versus splash screen.jpg.
Chinese (Simplified) 面面[5]
Miàn Miàn
From「面」(miàn, noodles)
Chinese (Traditional) 麵麵[6]
Miàn Miàn
From「麵」(miàn, noodles)
Korean 미엔미엔[7]
Mien Mien
Transcription of the Japanese name
Russian Минь Минь[8]
Min' Min'
Transcription of the English name


  • Min Min is the first fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to have debuted in a Nintendo Switch game, as Byleth technically debuted in the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes via an update. She would later be followed by Pyra / Mythra.


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