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Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary

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Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary, otherwise known as simply The Subspace Emissary or Subspace Emissary,[1] is an adventure mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Unlike Super Smash Bros. Melee's Adventure mode, The Subspace Emissary has a proper storyline and unique levels, and it takes place in the World of Trophies.


The mode features 2.5D platforming gameplay. When playing The Subspace Emissary, the player can choose from five difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard, and Intense.

The Subspace Emissary uses a team system. Two players can play in the Subspace Emissary at one time, with second player being an optional supporting character. Due to the camera following the main character, if the second character cannot follow the scroll and becomes off-screen, they are automatically warped. If Player 1 is defeated, and Player 2 is not, the game will still be over. Also, by pressing the Start or Plus Button, Player 2 can always warp to wherever Player 1 is. This, however, does not work during boss battles in the Emissary. The main screen shows where to go next, and the character selection screen allows the player to choose their team. In single player, teams are still available. However, the second character is akin to an extra life, and if the main character is defeated, the player takes control of the second character, until it, too, is defeated.

The player can use Sticker power-ups for the mode. The stickers are arranging on the character's Trophy Stand and give bonuses on Launch Power, Launch Resistance, and powers and resistances to several attacks like Arm, Weapon, Slash, Electric and Flame. The effects vary from sticker to sticker. When the player loses all of their lives, they can be asked to continue but stickers and enemy turned trophies will be cut in half, if they decide to quit, they will get a Game Over and lose half of their stickers but they may keep the trophies. The player has a choice to save game progress after completing each level.

All unlockable characters can be unlocked by playing The Subspace Emissary; the player can only unlock three of them after clearing The Subspace Emissary and then battling each fighter in a fight.


The Subspace Emissary is the adventure and story mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, taking place in the World of Trophies, where being defeated in battle turns a character into a trophy. The story begins with the Subspace Army, riding the Halberd, interrupting a fight between Mario and Kirby, while Peach and Zelda watch from the stands. The mysterious Ancient Minister deploys a Subspace Bomb controlled by two R.O.B.s, and while Mario tries to intercept it, he is knocked away by Petey Piranha, who has captured both princesses. Kirby defeats Petey and rescues one princess, while Wario steals the other, and after they all leave, the bomb detonates and the arena is consumed by Subspace.

Fox attempts to fight the Halberd in his Arwing but is struck down by the larger vessel and crashes in a jungle, where he joins forces with Diddy, who has been separated from Donkey Kong earlier by Bowser. They are joined by Falco and eventually Captain Falcon and Olimar, and together they save Donkey Kong from the Subspace Army, at which point Fox and Falco leave to resume their battle with the Halberd, now assisted by their carrier ship, the Great Fox.

Elsewhere, King Dedede captures Luigi and uses him as bait for Wario, stealing his transport and all his trophies (including Luigi himself) when he is distracted. Wario is then defeated by Lucas and Pokémon Trainer in retaliation for capturing Ness earlier. After Pokémon Trainer catches Charizard, he and Lucas meet up with Marth, Meta Knight and Ike, who has already joined forces against the Subspace Army. They witness the Halberd battling the Great Fox, prompting Meta Knight to scale the cliffs in an attempt to reclaim his ship. On the way up, he is joined by the Ice Climbers and on the summit he teams with Lucario after an initial duel. The Ice Climbers fall when the Halberd smashes the tethered Great Fox against the mountain, but Meta Knight and Lucario take the opportunity to board the ship.

Meanwhile, Pit finds and revives Mario, while Link and Yoshi join forces against the Subspace Army. When Kirby wanders off, the second princess is captured by Bowser, who makes a clone of her. If the clone is of Peach, it attacks and is defeated by Link, which is witnessed by Mario, who retaliates; if the clone is of Zelda, it is defeated by Mario and Link attacks him instead. Either way, the combatants realize the misunderstanding when Dedede drives by with the other princess statue, spurring them to team up against their common enemy. They tail him back to his castle but are unable to stop Bowser from crashing in and taking the princess, leaving behind a badge that King Dedede had put on his three stolen statues. The heroes then meet up with the Ice Climbers, Lucas, Pokémon Trainer, Marth, and Ike.

While all that is happening, Zero Suit Samus infiltrates the Subspace Army's base on the floating Isle of the Ancients, rescues Pikachu, recovers her Power Suit and battles Ridley. She and Pikachu make their way to the Subspace Bomb depot at the same time as Diddy, Donkey Kong, Captain Falcon, and Olimar, who has ridden an enemy barge to the island. They are confronted by the Ancient Minister, but after sacrificing so many R.O.B.s to detonate numerous Subspace Bombs by that point, he is unwilling to fight the Smashers. His commander Ganondorf then takes control of the robots and they shoot the Ancient Minister, burning away his clothes to reveal that he is also an R.O.B. The controlled robots all activate bombs, and unable to stop them, the heroes flee on the Falcon Flyer.

Back on the Halberd, Meta Knight and Lucario team up with Snake, free the captured princesses and kick a crew of Mr. Game & Watch clones out of the cockpit. Peach and Zelda (in her Sheik disguise) make their way onto the deck as Fox and Falco attack in their Arwings, and when the exchange of shots nearly hurts Peach, Sheik retaliates and forces Fox to eject from his Arwing. Peach diffuses the tense situation by offering both Sheik and Fox tea, however, and along with Snake, Lucario and Falco, the trio defeat the Duon robot that forms from the Mr. Game & Watch clones, freeing the real Mr. Game & Watch. Meta Knight then takes the helm and flies the Halberd to shore at the same time as the Falcon Flyer lands, uniting the three groups of combatants.

Ganondorf and Bowser use the massive sphere of Subspace that had engulfed the Isle of the Ancients to bring a giant gunship into the World of Trophies and use it to fire larger Subspace blasts. The Halberd attacks and is destroyed, but this was cover to allow a group of the Smashers' smaller ships to get in close and infiltrate Subspace. Kirby also destroys the gunship with the Dragoon. The villains retreat, but Ganondorf betrays Bowser, transforming him into a trophy as he alone visits Master Hand, only to find he has been under the control of Tabuu all along. Tabuu immediately defeats Master Hand and transforms Ganondorf and all the protagonists into trophies.

King Dedede's badges, however, revive Ness, Luigi, and Kirby, who has eaten the dropped one, and they rescue everyone else, both allies and former enemies. Banded together against Tabuu, the group head through The Great Maze, defeating all the bosses and dark versions of themselves. Once they reach Tabuu, Sonic arrives and destroys his wings, preventing him from transforming the group back into trophies again, and together, the Smashers defeat Tabuu and restore the World of Trophies.


Level Characters
1. Midair Stadium Mario, Kirby, Peach, Zelda/Sheik (Characters Who Join: Kirby, Peach/Zelda/Sheik)
2. Skyworld Mario, Pit (Characters Who Join: Mario, Pit)
3. Sea of Clouds Kirby and Peach/Zelda/Sheik
4. The Jungle Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong (Characters Who Join: Diddy Kong)
5. The Plain Mario, Pit
6. The Lake Diddy Kong, Fox (Characters Who Join: Fox)
7. The Ruined Zoo Lucas, Ness, Pokémon Trainer (Characters Who Join: Lucas, Pokémon Trainer)
8. The Battlefield Fortress Marth, Meta Knight, Ike (Characters Who Join: Marth, Meta Knight, Ike)
9. The Forest Link, Yoshi (Characters Who Join: Link, Yoshi)
10. The Research Facility Part 1 Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu (Characters Who Join: Zero Suit Samus, Pikachu)
11. The Lake Shore Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, Kirby (Peach/Zelda Leaves)
12. The Path to the Ruins Lucas, Pokémon Trainer
13. The Cave Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, Kirby
14. The Ruins Lucas, Pokémon Trainer
15. The Wilds Part 1 Marth, Meta Knight, Ike
16. The Ruined Hall Lucas, Pokémon Trainer
17. The Wilds Part 2 Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, Kirby
18. The Swamp Diddy Kong, Fox, Falco (Characters Who Join: Falco)
19. The Research Facility Part 2 Zero Suit Samus, Samus, Pikachu (Characters Who Join: Samus) (Zero Suit Samus can still be selected by selecting Samus & pressing the switch form button)
20. Outside the Ancient Ruins Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Olimar, Captain Falcon (Characters Who Join: Donkey Kong, Olimar, Captain Falcon) (Fox and Falco Leave)
21. The Glacial Peak Meta Knight, Ice Climbers, Lucario (Characters Who Join: Ice Climbers, Lucario)
22. The Canyon Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi, Kirby
23. Battleship Halberd Interior Snake, Meta Knight, Lucario (Characters Who Join: Snake)
24. Battleship Halberd Exterior Peach, Zelda/Sheik (Characters Who Join: Peach, Zelda/Sheik)
25. Battleship Halberd Bridge Fox, Falco, Lucario, Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Snake (Characters Who Join: Mr. Game & Watch) )
26. The Subspace Bomb Factory Part 1 Samus, Pikachu
27. The Subspace Bomb Factory Part 2 Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, Olimar, R.O.B., Samus, Pikachu, Zero Suit Samus (Meta Ridley battle only) (Characters Who Join: R.O.B.)
28. Entrance to Subspace All previously used (Except Ness), Mr. Game & Watch (Everyone Leaves)
29. Subspace Part 1 Luigi, Ness, King Dedede (Characters Who Join: Anyone Saved from Subspace, Luigi, Ness, Bowser, King Dedede)
30. Subspace Part 2 Kirby (Characters Who Join: Anyone Saved from Subspace, Ganondorf if Link and Zelda are Saved, Wario if trophy is saved)
31. The Great Maze Anyone Saved from Subspace, Luigi, Ness, Bowser, King Dedede, Kirby, Sonic (Characters Who Join: Sonic)


Symbol Image Boss Description
SSBB Mario symbol.png Petey Piranha SSBB artwork.png Petey Piranha Petey Piranha captures Peach and Zelda within cages as the Subspace Army assaults the Arena, and the player has to fight him as Kirby, being able to rescue only one of the princesses. Petey actually uses the cages to attack the player. When one of the cages is attacked, its life decreases. When Petey is attacked, the HP for both of the cages' decrease. The princess within the cage to lose all of its health and break first is the one the player ends up saving. After this is accomplished, Petey is defeated and burns to the ground. In his second battle, Petey's cages are empty and the player must break at least one cage to defeat him.
SSBB Pokemon symbol.png Rayquaza SSBB artwork.png Rayquaza After Fox's Arwing crashes into the Jungle, Rayquaza emerges from a nearby lake and destroys what is left of the ship. Having watched this take place, Diddy Kong is captured by Rayquaza. Fox is ejected from the Arwing at the last second and rescues Diddy. A battle with Rayquaza commences. Rayquaza uses attacks such as Hyper Beam during the battle, often flying on and off the screen during its mad rushes, and falls to the ground in defeat after it has lost all of its health.
SSBB EarthBound symbol.png Porky Statue SSBB artwork.png Porky Statue The Pig King Statue is a gigantic statue from MOTHER 3. It has been described as virtually impossible to hit. Lucas must run from him, dodging his blows, as they can result in one-hit KO's. After running for a certain amount of time, Ness appears, and saves Lucas, only to end up encountering Porky in the Spider Mech.
SSBB EarthBound symbol.png Porky SSBB artwork.png Porky Ness and Lucas fight Porky in his Spider Mech from Mother 3 after Ness defeats a large statue of Porky. During the battle, Porky Minch uses the machine's robotic legs to attack either Lucas or Ness. Other, more powerful attacks he uses include a very accurate laser beam and a wave of his mechanical robots (based on himself). The machine flips upside-down and squirms after Porky's life bar has been completely depleted.
SSBB Smash symbol.png Galleom SSBB artwork.png Galleom A large Subspace Army mech, Galleom is fought in two phases. During the first phase, he is fought by Marth, Ike, and Meta Knight. After he is defeated, he falls down into the ruins, crashing through the floor to confront Lucas and the Pokémon Trainer. After being defeated, Galleom activates the Subspace Bomb within its head and attempts to take them with it; however, the two are rescued just in time by Meta Knight after Lucas uses PK Thunder to free themselves and fall.
SSBB Metroid symbol.png Ridley SSBB artwork.png Ridley Samus's nemesis from the Metroid franchise appears as a boss. Like Rayquaza, Ridley often flies on and off the screen during the battle. He has several attacks, including one in which he scrapes his tail against the ground. Many of his other attacks are similar to Master Hand's. After the player depletes his life bar as either Samus or Pikachu, Ridley falls off the platform.
SSBB Smash symbol.png Duon SSBB artwork.png Duon The second of the two Subspace Army mechs. After the Mr. Game & Watches are tossed out of the control room of the Battleship Halberd, they are converted into Shadow Bugs. These Shadow Bugs combine to form Duon, fought as Fox, Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Lucario, Solid Snake, and Falco. When it is defeated, it reforms into Mr. Game & Watch, who joins the effort to defeat the Subspace Army.
SSBB Metroid symbol.png Meta Ridley SSBB artwork.png Meta Ridley Ridley makes a return appearance in his cybernetically enhanced form from Metroid Prime, this time challenging Samus, Pikachu, Captain Falcon, Captain Olimar, R.O.B., Diddy Kong, and Donkey Kong. He chases after the group as they escape the floating island in Captain Falcon's ship. His attacks include fireballs, rushing at the player, and influencing the ship in various ways, such as forcing it downward and making it rock back and forth.
SSBB Smash symbol.png Tabuu screenshot.png Tabuu Tabuu is the true villain of The Subspace Emissary. He was controlling Master Hand and was the one turning all fighters into trophies, but thanks to a time artifact made by King Dedede, some survive. Tabuu is then weakened by Sonic and destroyed by everyone.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アドベンチャーモード ~亜空の使者~
Adobenchā mōdo ~Akū no shisha~
Adventure Mode ~The Messenger from the Subspace~
French (Europe) Mode Aventure: l'Émissaire Subspatial
German Abenteuer-Modus: Der Subraum-Emissär
Italian Modalità Avventura: l'Emissario del Subspazio
Korean 어드벤처 모드:아공의 사자
Eodeubencheo Modeu: Agong-ui Saja
Adventure Mode: The Subspace's Messenger
Spanish (Americas) Modo Aventura: el Misionero del Subespacio Adventure Mode: the Subspace's Missionary
(Name of the Latin Spanish language section in the instruction booklet of the game's American version.)
Spanish (Europe) Modo Aventura: el Emisario Subespacial Adventure Mode: the Subspace Emissary


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