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Smash Taunt

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Smash Taunting is a taunt available only to Snake, Pit and the Star Fox characters. This technique helps the player communicate with the player's allies.

To activate it, the player must execute a down taunt for one frame; however, the taunt only works on specific stages when the player is controlling a specific character.

All of these Smash Taunts cannot be performed while someone is in Final Smash standby, or someone has a fully assembled Dragoon/Daybreak. A conversation can also be interrupted if the aforementioned conditions are met while the conversation is active. Smash Taunts also cannot be performed at all on the Final Destination or Battlefield variant.

Solid Snake

Main article: List of Snake's codec conversations

The player must choose Snake and play Shadow Moses Island. Once in the stage, the player should do a split-second down taunt. Then, if he is not interrupted, he will establish communication with Roy Campbell, Mei Ling, or Otacon, who begin talking about the fighters, similar to how players are able to obtain information during boss fights using the radio in the Metal Gear Solid series. If the player does this while playing against Falco, they will establish communication with Slippy Toad from the Star Fox series. If more than one opponent is taking part in the match, the game will select one to talk about at random. If Snake is KO'd during a conversation, the person on the other end will shout Snake's name, similar to during the Game Over screens of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Star Fox

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Fox's conversation on Lylat Cruise.

In this one, the player must choose Fox, Falco, or Wolf, select the Lylat Cruise stage and do a split-second down taunt.

After the spaceship warps to the next location, a conversation that matches the background begins. There are five background variations, so there are five types of communications per character.

The characters who make appearances here are Fox, Falco, Peppy, Slippy, Krystal, Wolf, Leon, and Panther.

Because the dialog is staged as if allies are observing the fight from the spaceship, the communication always excludes the one who is engaged in the fight. Strangely, whenever Wolf uses his Smash Taunt, Fox never appears in any of his conversations, while Falco does.

In the Super Smash Bros. Melee Corneria stage, the player can start the same set of communications that existed in the previous version of the stage; however, as only Fox and Falco could initiate these communications in Super Smash Bros. Melee, only Fox and Falco can initiate these communications in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as well.


Main article: List of Palutena's Guidance conversations
A Palutena's Guidance conversation about Shulk.

The player can choose Pit and play as him in Palutena's Temple and in this one, Pit can call Palutena and Viridi by using a Smash Taunt known as Palutena's Guidance. Here, Pit, Palutena and Viridi talk about the characters who is fighting in the match. Chrom will also appear if Robin is Pit's opponent, or Dark Pit will join the conversation if he is the opponent. If more than one opponent is in the match, the game will select one to talk about at random.

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