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Primids, the main footsoldiers of the Subspace Army

The Subspace Army is an evil organization made up of formless beings in the Subspace Emissary of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They are the main antagonists, led by the mysterious character, the Ancient Minister. It is later revealed that the Ancient Minister was forced to lead the army by Ganondorf, Bowser and Wario. The trio were the ones truly controlling the army and did so under the orders of Master Hand. Master Hand is later revealed to be controlled by Tabuu, the true leader of the army. The Subspace Army's main troops are a group of small shadow beings, known as Primids. Their goal was to pull the entire world into Subspace so as to destroy it. They hoped to accomplish this by using a powerful and deadly weapon known as the Subspace Bomb. The army is also in command of a large assortment of weapons and doomsday devices such as the Subspace Gunship, a flying fortress that could trap entire areas in subspace without the use of the Subspace Bomb. Petey Piranha, Porky, Ridley, his Meta form, and Bowser's Koopa Troop are also members of the Subspace Army. The creatures in the Subspace Army were created from Shadow Bugs, which originated from Mr. Game & Watch. The army also has in their possession a weapon known as the Dark Cannon, used by both Bowser and Wario to turn other characters into trophies.

Basic troops[edit]

Image Name Description
Armank.jpg Armank An enemy hidden inside a tank-like structure. It moves on treads and has a functional construction arm capable of powerful attacks. Continuing to attack the arm destroys it, revealing the Armank's weak spot: a big green blob that controls the vehicle. Its name is a portmanteau of "armor" and "tank". It is the most powerful of the common units.
Armight SSBB.jpg Armight They are sword-wielding, long-appendaged enemies wearing capes and armored helmets. They attack with their swords while floating in the air.
Auroros SSBB.jpg Auroros A pointy bird-like enemy creature with a long and pointy beak, which it uses as a weapon by dive-bombing from the air with its beak pointed straight at the ground. This causes massive damage to fighters, but if Auroros missed, it gets stuck in the ground. Players can pluck them out of the ground and throw them at other enemies when this happens.
Autolance.jpg Autolance A cross between a knight and a tank that that moves on caterpillar treads and has a giant lance attached to its front. Autolance uses its lance to ram and sometimes shoot fighters to damage them. Their weak spot is inside their armored helmet, in the form of an emergency light.
Bombed.jpg Bombed A small red-and-black humanoid creature with a bomb for a head. It hurls its own bomb head at the player and explodes, dealing major damage. Its weakness is its tendency to self-destruct when hit with a fire attack.
Borboras.png Borboras A humanoid enemy who is characterized by a head that resembles a wind instrument decorated on top with trumpet valves. If it spots the player, it blows wind towards the player. If the player is too close and it starts to blow wind, the player will be hit by the head.
Bucculus.jpg Bucculus A flower-like creature found planted within the ground. Its lips, the only part of them visible from the ground, are covered with spikes that stick to the player and steals health. The torso area is a pink sack storing its health, but it is not necessarily a weak point. Despite this, if it is defeated when the sac is full, it may drop a Maxim Tomato. Otherwise, it may drop food.
Buckot SSBB.jpg Buckot An enemy consisting of a head resembling a Primid's with a propeller, enabling it to fly; two robotic arms, and gloves on its hands. Its primary attack consists of dumping red-hot chunks of metal onto the player. The gloves are probably used to protect themselves from the very hot metal. Sometimes, probably by mistake, Buckots drop food instead of metal onto the player, thereby healing them.
Bullet Bill
Bytans.jpg Bytan They are spherical creatures with a large eye and shark-like teeth. If undisturbed, Bytans will start multiplying, spawning more from their eyes, and become much more difficult to avoid. There are also large Bytans that are much stronger than the standard size.
Cymul.jpg Cymul They are floating metallic enemies whose coating allows them to reflect projectiles. If the fighter gets too close to a Cymul, they attack the fighter by rapidly spinning the four blades on them before launching them away with a final hit.
Feyesh.jpg Feyesh An enemy with a body that looks like a one-eyed goldfish. It floats lazily through the air. When it spots the player, its eye opens and it attacks with its five tentacles. Despite its resemblance to a fish, Feyesh cannot survive in water. If their eyes touch water, they disappear, leaving behind only a few bubbles. Its name is a portmanteau of the words "fish" and "eye".
Floow SSBB.jpg Floow A ghost-like creature, made from strips of darkness forming a humanoid shape with small red eyes. They float in the air and summon a field of dark energy, causing heavy damage. Floows can regenerate health lost over time, although they cannot move or attack while healing.
Gamyga.jpg Gamyga An enemy with a colorful-art clown head, supported by a stepped set of four yellow bases which also have eyes and arms. This enemy is the height of the screen and it blocks the path, often forcing players to defeat it. It attacks by shooting lasers from its eyes. The bases can be attacked one by one to bring the enemy down to size, but the creature will be defeated fully only when the head is destroyed, similar to Pokeys.
Generator SSB4 3DS.jpg Generator These black and purple portals appear in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. In their debut appearance, Generators spawn up to thirty Mites to attack the fighter, but in their latter appearance, they can also spawn other small enemies alongside the Mites. They do not stop spawning enemies until this limit is reached or are defeated beforehand. Unlike other enemies, Generators do not have a health bar.
Giant Goomba
Glice SSB4 3DS.jpg Glice A wheel-like creature that appears in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It moves around the edges of a platform, and if a fighter gets near a Glice, it opens up and emits a damaging aura that protrudes icicles, which can freeze nearby characters. Glices are vulnerable to fire attacks.
Glire SSBB.jpg Glire Glires are the fire-emitting relative of Glices, so if a fighter approaches a Glire, it unleashes an aura of fire upon them. They are vulnerable to ice attacks. Glires appear in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.
Glunder SSB4 3DS.jpg Glunder Glunders are the electricity-emitting relative of both Glices and and Glires. If a fighter approaches a Glunder, it emits an aura of electricity upon them. Like their relatives, Glunders appear in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS.
Greap SSBB.png Greap A giant enemy that has two sickles as its arms. Greap's weak point is the red area on its head. It has two attacks, one is using a strong single hit swing to do devastating damage and knockback. Its other attack is to jump in the air and swing its arms in a large circle, doing more damage than its standard swing, but only if it lands a good amount of the attack's hits.
Hammer Bro
Jyk They are spiked balls that move up and down or side to side in mid-air, or around the perimeter of floating platforms. They come in fire, water and electric forms, dealing the relevant type of damage. Jyks cannot be defeated, although they have a health bar which is always shown empty.
Koopa Paratroopa
Koopa Troopa
Mite 3DS.jpg Mite They are small stick-figure creatures who are often found deployed in groups by Generators. They are found in red, green, and yellow color variants, although this does not affect their behavior. Mites are one of the Subspace Army enemies to make a reappearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, although only the yellow ones.
Mizzo.jpg Mizzo A unique creature who only makes one appearance within a display room in Halberd. Mizzo has a round body sprouting arms and legs, and has swimming motions whenever it moves.
Nagagog SSBB.jpg Nagagog A sumo wrestler-like enemy with a decorative twirl on its head and a small mouth. It will start small and blue, but if it takes enough damage, it makes a laughing noise and grows larger, also turning yellow in the process. As it takes more damage, it will turn into an even larger, red version of itself.

Whenever the Nagagog is changing into a larger version of itself, it will not take damage from attacks or items. Its health decreases much faster when it is in its larger forms. It attacks like a wrestler, jumping on top of the player. Its attack is a body slam that damages players in proportion to its body size. If players are quick with attacks, they can defeat Nagagogs before they have a chance to reach full size.

Poppant in SSBB.png Poppant A creature who wears large red pants. As the fighter approaches a Poppant, it starts to run away, leaving a trail of food and other items. Defeating a Poppant rewards the player with more health-restoring items. Poppants also appear in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS's Smash Run mode, in which it behaves the same, and like other enemies, it drops stat power-ups when defeated.
Puppit SSBB.jpg Puppit A marionette puppet suspended from the sky. It attacks with its long, sharp claws if fighters are nearby or can shoot a beam if they are farther away. It hovers around the stage, making it difficult to attack.
Roader SSBB.png Roader A one-wheeled motorized robotic enemy that can zoom at very high speeds. They are very powerful enemies, and can send players quite a distance. Its high speed is its weakness, however, because if the player avoids it, it may stop and collapse on the ground, vulnerable. Roaders can and often travel in groups.
ROBBlaster-SSE.png R.O.B. Blaster A R.O.B. Sentry with beam-emitting eye lenses. They either remain stationary or are very mobile. Normal R.O.B. Sentries can also fire lasers from their eyes, but they usually do not use this attack in battle. The color scheme of the R.O.B. Blaster serves later as one of R.O.B.'s alternative colors.
ROB Launcher.jpg R.O.B. Launcher A green and brown military R.O.B. Sentry. It can shoot missiles from its head to attack the player for major damage. The green and brown color scheme is one of R.O.B.'s alternative colors.
ROB Sentries.png R.O.B. Sentry They are robots loyal to the Ancient Minister (later revealed to be R.O.B. himself). R.O.B. Sentries attack by using a two-armed punch.
Roturret 3DS.jpg Roturret A mechanized skull with a giant arrow for a body flanked by two guns. It fires at fighters when they approach. When hit, it will spin around, but quickly turn back to face the player and continue shooting. It has a blind spot in its center. Roturrets later appear in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as well.
Shaydas.jpg Shaydas A demon-like enemy comprised of Shadow Bugs. It has two heads and very long, sharp blades on its arms and shoulders. Using this blade, Shaydas can inflict a massive amount of damage on the player. The red glowing core on its chest is the Shaydas's weak point.
Shellpod.png Shellpod A horned beetle-like enemy with a big brown shell for protection. It uses its front legs and horns to attack. Its weakness is revealed when the player attacks its shell enough. After the shell breaks, it reveals its true form to be a blue-green creature. Without its armor and horn, it becomes much weaker offensively and defensively.
Spaak normal.jpg Spaak A cloud-like enemy that floats above the ground. It shoots lightning from the battery on its back, which is also its weak point. When hit, they will turn black and attack more aggressively with faster lightning strikes, causing more damage to fighters.
Ticken.jpg Ticken An enemy that looks like a large, robotic chicken. Its attacks include flying up into the air and then coming down with massive force, or ramming the player with its spikes. When defeated, the Ticken breaks apart and reveals itself to be a harmless chick.
Towtow after Fox SSBB.png Towtow Towtows are a ram-like creature who are always found sleeping at first, but when attacked, a Towtow goes on a rampage and charges at the fighter.
Trowlon SSBB.jpg Trowlon An enemy that resembles a flying carpet. Using its trowel-like arms, Trowlon picks up a fighter, and then flies upward to carry them off-screen, causing the fighter to lose a stock. However, it can be used to ascend the player to the top of an area as long as the player jumps off at the correct timing.


Image Name Description
Primid.jpg Primid Primids are main troops of the Subspace Army, and are formed from Shadow Bugs. They come in many variations. Regular Primids are relatively weak, and attack with punches rather than use weapons.
Big Primid SSBB.jpg Big Primid A larger variant of regular Primids. They attack in the same way, but have stronger attacks and more health.
Boom Primid SSBB.jpg Boom Primid A type of Primid who wields a yellow boomerang, which they use as a melee weapon.
Fire Primid.jpg Fire Primid They are Primids capable of spitting fireballs. They are mainly encountered in later stages. Fire Primids have red "caps" and bodies, while they have yellow boots and gloves. They have brown heads, arms, and legs instead of black ones.
Metal Primid.jpg Metal Primid They are Primids coated in metal, similar to the effects of a Metal Box. They are heavier and more durable than normal Primids. They do not flinch from any attacks, not even a smash attack, but they do flinch from grabs and throws. They can also reflect projectiles, and are immune to explosives.
Scope Primid.jpg Scope Primid They are Primids who wield bazookas, which care fire weak, three-shot attacks and powerful, single-shot surge blasts at fighters.
Sword Primid.jpg Sword Primid They are Primids who wield a green sword similar to a Beam Sword. They are slightly stronger than regular Primids and can reflect projectile attacks with their swords.

Subspace bosses[edit]

Other members[edit]

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