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Super Smash Bros. Wiki:Blocking policy

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Administrators can block users and IP addresses from editing or uploading files to the Super Smash Bros. Wiki via Special:Block. These are some of the most common reasons:

  • Repeated vandalism
  • Being disruptive on the wiki, such as by making lots of minor edits to a single page
  • Adding content that constitutes as a copyright violation (see the Copyrights page for details)
  • Ignoring warnings on one's talk page
  • Sockpuppeting (having more than one account, though exceptions may apply in certain circumstances)
  • Impersonating another user
  • And breaking any other policies

By default, it is possible for a blocked user to use Special:EmailUser to contact users with a registered email address and to edit their own talk page. However, Special:Block allows each action to also be blocked by checking the checkbox next to "Sending email" and "Editing their own talk page" respectively.

Block lengths are at the discretion of an administrator. Some actions are more severe than others and will be given longer block times. Users who only vandalize and engage in personal attacks should be banned indefinitely. Generally, there is a "three strikes" rule in place for users within the community who violate the Super Smash Bros. Wiki's policies, even after being given warnings on the talk page. Block lengths are increased upon repeated offenses; generally, the first ban should be only two weeks long, followed by a three month ban, and an indefinite ban if they still continue to violate the policies.

If a banned user feels that they have been unfairly blocked and are able to edit their own talk page, they can leave a message explaining why they felt their ban was unfair. From there, an admin can negotiate with the blocked user to possibly unblock them or otherwise change the length of their block.

A list of administrators can be found here.

Range blocks

Range blocks are not recommended unless the wiki is dealing with severe and prolonged vandalism from a particular range. Administrators using this option need to be very sure of its purpose and functionality.

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