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Super Smash Bros. Wiki:Rules

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This page talks about what is appropriate behavior on the Super Smash Bros. Wiki and what is not.

Your first article?

Are you going to edit your first article? Well, if you do then you are more then welcome. See what is appropriate and what is not here. If the article has already been created, then click the "Edit" button at the top-left of the page, or scroll down to one of the chapters and edit that section by pressing the "Edit" button at the right of the page. If the article hasn't been created yet, then click the "Edit" button at the top left of the page. When you are happy with your edit press the "Preview" button (Not the "Save" button because you could have done something wrong). Check through your preview, and if you are really sure of saving it then save it (but make sure it follows the article criteria, scroll down to see the acceptable content). Respect the users at all times, and don't get angry with them if they have edited your page.

Leaving a message?

Editing a user talk page is pretty much the same as editing a normal page, but you have to remember to sign your name with four tildes. This time, there are pretty much no rules in editing a user talk page, but there are still some rules.

What is appropriate

  1. Adding sensible content
  2. Making sensible articles
  3. Rewording content if there is room for improvement
  4. Creating sensible help pages as well as redirects to articles
  5. Removing or reverting vandalism

What isn't appropriate

  1. Adding silly content
  2. Adding vandalism
  3. Making silly articles
  4. Making broken redirects
  5. Making deliberate double or triple redirects
  6. Turning user talk pages into redirects
  7. Creating silly help pages, user talk pages, etc.
  8. Removing content which has a source
  9. Totally removing some or all of the content (if it is proven to be sensible content)
  10. Removing the page for no reason
  11. Adding rumors, shock sites or hoaxes
  12. Creating multiple accounts for abusive purposes (sockpuppetry)

On talk pages

  1. Calling somebody a rude name
  2. Deliberately upsetting somebody
  3. Totally removing a user talk page (Unless if it hasn't been active for about, say, 6 months or more)
  4. Replacing a talk page with silly nonsense

Examples of silly content

  • Buy a Wii on Ebay now for just £***!
  • PS3s on sale! PS3s on sale!!
  • (No content)
  • I've had enough of this f***'in page

Examples of silly content of user talk pages

  • So and so is such a t***! He eats b***** s***!

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The original policy page was written on Codex Gamicus.