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SSBU Male Byleth artwork.png
Artwork of male Byleth for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Franchise Fire Emblem
First appearance Fire Emblem Heroes (Ver. 3.7.0) (2019)
Portrayed by Male Byleth:
Zach Aguilar (English, 2019-present)
Yūsuke Kobayashi (Japanese, 2019-present)
Female Byleth:
Jeannie Tirado (English, 2019-present)
Shizuka Itō (Japanese, 2019-present)
In-universe information
Full name Byleth Eisner
Species Human
Super Smash Bros. appearances

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Special moves
Standard:  Failnaught
Side:  Areadbhar
Up:  Sword of the Creator
Down:  Aymr
Final Smash:  Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven
“Byleth Joins Smash House!”
Splash screen text (male), "The Ashen Demon" trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
“Byleth Recruits... Byleth!”
Splash screen text (female), "The Ashen Demon" trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Byleth is the main character of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, acting as the avatar character similar to Robin and Corrin before them. They are a professor at the Officers Academy at the Garreg Mach Monastery and are capable of wielding a variety of weapons, including their main weapon, the Sword of the Creator.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Artwork of female Byleth for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Byleth was confirmed as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fifth and final downloadable fighter of the first Fighters Pass during a presentation on January 16, 2020, being released on January 28, 2020.[1] Like with Robin and Corrin before them, Byleth has a male and female variant. Two of each of their color palettes refer to Dimitri and Claude for the male variant and Edelgard and Sothis for the female variant, and one other for both reference their mid-game hair color change.

All of Byleth's special moves revolve around the other legendary weapons of Three Houses. Their up special results in their sword extending into a whip, able to grab ledges and other characters similar to Joker's up special, though Byleth is able to jump off of the character, and is capable of spiking them downward if the opponent is at high enough damage. Byleth's standard special is the bow Failnaught, which acts much like Link's Bow, getting stronger the longer is it charged. Byleth's side special uses the lance Areadbhar, which is extended with a hard thrust that deals more damage at the tip, and can also be angled. Byleth's down special uses the axe Aymr, which is a strong, but slow, overhead swing attack that deals great damage to opponents, and provides Byleth with super armor. Their Final Smash is called Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven, which is an "upgraded" variant of the Ruptured Heaven skill in Three Houses, where Byleth calls upon Sothis to attack opponents. Byleth utilizes each of their weapons depending on their attacks: the Sword of the Creator for standard attack, tilt attacks, up smash, and up aerial; Failnaught for standard aerial; Areadbhar for forward smash, and forward and back aerials; and Aymr for down smash and down aerial. Byleth's stage entrance involved them warping onto the stage using warp magic, poses while holding a pointer, then pulling out their sword.

Byleth has average weight, being heavier than Pit, Wii Fit Trainer, Dark Pit, and Pokémon Trainer's Ivysaur, but lighter than Mario, Dr. Mario, Corrin, and Pyra, while having the same weight as Luigi and Shulk.

By purchasing Byleth, players will also get the stage Garreg Mach Monastery, which is a transitioning stage that moves between four locations. Additional music from Three Houses is also included.

Classic Mode route

Similarly to Lucina and Young Link, Byleth's Classic Mode involves other Fire Emblem characters in the order their games of origin were released. Like with Ryu and Terry, all matches in Byleth's Classic Mode route are Stamina battles.

A Heroic Legacy
Round Opponent(s) Rule Stage Song
1 Marth Temple Story 5 Meeting
2 Roy Arena Ferox (Battlefield) Winning Road - Roy's Hope
3 Ike (Path of Radiance), Ike (Radiant Dawn) Castle Siege Eternal Bond
4 Robin, Chrom, Lucina Arena Ferox (Ω) Id (Purpose)
5 Corrin, Corrin (black costume) Coliseum Lost in Thoughts All Alone (for 3DS / Wii U)
6 Byleth (Edelgard costume), Byleth (Dimitri costume), Byleth (Claude costume) Garreg Mach Monastery Fódlan Winds
Final Master Hand, Crazy Hand Team Battle
(Ally: Marth, Roy, Ike, Robin, Corrin)
Final Destination Code Name: F.E.


Palutena's Guidance

Byleth shares this stock conversation with all other Fighters Pass characters. It was originally used for Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, Ryu, Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, who are downloadable fighters in that game.

  • Pit: Who is THAT?
  • Palutena: I have no data on this fighter. I can't believe it!
  • Viridi: It must be an intruder from another dimension!
  • Pit: Whoever it is, the goal remains the same: to fight and win!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate official website

  • Byleth is coming to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game as a new playable fighter! This iconic fighter is the fifth fighter in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass. Using the Heroes’ Relics and the Sword of the Creator, represent the three houses and realize their full potential.


  • "Areadbhar!"
  • "Aymr!"
  • "Failnaught!"
  • "There!"
  • "Take this!"
  • "I'll finish with this!"
  • "My battle ends here!"
  • "Let the lesson begin!"
  • "Stay focused."
  • "Try me."
  • "Each battle, a chance to grow."
  • "Allow me to demonstrate!"
  • "No hesitation!"
  • "Not my best!" (Male-exclusive)
  • "Forgive me...!" (Female-exclusive)

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ベレト (male)[2]
ベレス (female)[2]
Possibly "Beleth," but officially romanized "Byleth"
Chinese (Simplified) 贝雷特[3] (male)
贝雷丝[3] (female)
Transliteration from the Japanese name
Chinese (Traditional) 貝雷特 (male)[4]
貝雷絲 (female)[4]
Transliteration from the Japanese name
Korean 벨레트 (male)[5]
벨레스 (female)[5]
Transliteration from the Japanese name
Russian Байлет


  • Byleth is the only member of the first Fighters Pass owned by Nintendo, as well as the only one from an already represented series, and the second DLC character in the game overall to be so, following Piranha Plant.
    • Byleth is also the only fighter to have made their overall debut after the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, having first appeared in 2019.
  • Byleth is currently the only fighter in the franchise to have two taglines, largely because of both their being composed of two characters, and their technically having different names in Japan (the male Byleth being known as "Bereto" and the female Byleth being known as "Beresu").


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