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The Subspace Emissary stage
Infobox SSE stage
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This template is used on Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary stage articles.

|name= By default, this is not necessary, as it will automatically use the article title. When this is not desirable (e.g., where there is a (disambiguation) tag in the article title), it can be manually specified.
|image= A representative image of the stage - ideally, the stage's most recognizable feature.
|time_limit= The stage's time limit.
|playable= The playable characters in the stage.
|boss= The stage's boss, if there is one.
|reward= The stage clear reward.
|song= The main music that plays during the stage. Include the track name, and then its media file if it has been uploaded.
|before= The preceding stage(s).
|after= The following stage(s).
{{Infobox SSE stage