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Infobox enemy
Franchise {{{franchise}}}
First appearance {{{first_appearance}}}
Latest appearance {{{latest_appearance}}}
Console of origin {{{console}}}
Species {{{species}}}
Super Smash Bros. appearances



{{Infobox enemy
|name = // add name (use this only if there's an identifier in the page name)
|image = // image of the enemy
|franchise = // franchise of origin
|series = // series of origin (use if the enemy has only appeared in a series and not a larger franchise (e.g. EarthBound and Kid Icarus)
|first_appearance = // debut appearance outside of the Super Smash Bros. games
|latest_appearance = // latest appearance outside of the Super Smash Bros. games
|ssb_appearances = // the Super Smash Bros. series games that the enemy appeared in
|console = // the first console that the enemy appeared on
|species = // the enemy's species
|notable = // notable members of this enemy's species
|variants = // variants of the enemy
|relatives = // enemies who have a variant-type relationship, but it's unclear who is the variant of whom
|comparable = // enemies who are similar but are not based on one another