The Plain

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The Subspace Emissary stage
The Plain
Plains SSBB.png
Playable characters Mario, Pit
Boss None
Stage Clear reward None
Music Entire stage:
Step: The Plain
End cutscene:
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The Plain is a stage featured in Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is played through by both Mario and Pit. The stage is short but is filled with several obstacles. Despite its name, The Plain takes place in a barren and dusty area, whereas most plains are grassy.


The area begins near a Borboras, and is followed by platforms with more Borboras, along with variants of Primids. The player then reaches a flat area with Feyesh and Tickens. A stone wall must be broken, leading to a Borboras in front of a cave with a Ticken at the beginning. A wall blocks the entrance of the cave when entered and begins to move, and fiery Jyks and Poppants are encountered. A Borboras and a Boom Primid are found before a drop containing breakable stone blocks. More Primids are found as the player travels through the cave. A path in the ceiling leads to a Feyesh in front of a door, which contains Stickers, a Heart Container, and an orange cube with a Trophy in it. At the end of the main cave area, a Borboras and another door are found. Through the door, the player must ride a moving platform, while fighting Spaaks, Primids, Borboras, and Glunders. After defeating all of the enemies when the platform stops, the player can carry on to the end of the level, where Mario and Pit encounter the Ancient Minister.